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What is Mr stiff's Libido Liquid?

A lot of men feel insecure about their sexual performance. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but it can be annoying for them and their partner. Do you also suffer from this sometimes? Don't worry, because Mr. Stiff has the solution for this. After many studies and experiments, we are proud to say: we have developed the perfect Libido Liquid for men who have doubts about their sex life or performance in bed!


Effect of the Libido liquid

Mr Stiff's libido liquid is made from 100% natural herbs. This makes this product completely safe to use. The product has extremely effective effects. Thanks to Mr. Stiff, your sexual insecurity is removed, your libido is increased and your orgasms are much more intense and longer. The secret of Mr. Stiff? Our unique recipe combined with our exclusive formula!


Benefits of the libido liquid

Mr Stiff Libido Liquid stands out from its competitors in quite a few ways. The main benefits of this libido drink are:

  • Boosting the quality of your erection
  • Works in as little as 1 hour
  • Extend your sexual stamina
  • Problem-free use in combination with alcohol
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • No side effects


Instructions for use of Libido liquid

What all should you know before using Mr. Stiff Libido liquid? Mr. Stiff's products contain only natural ingredients, so you can always take it with peace of mind. If you follow the instructions for use below, no problems can occur while taking this product.

It is strongly advised against using Mr. Stiff products if you suffer from heart problems, are pregnant or hypersensitive to one or more of the ingredients present (see below). Mr. Stiff should not be used in combination with other medicines.

Mr Stiff products should not be used by persons under 18 years of age. Once you use Mr. Stiff libido liquid in combination with food and alcohol, it may take longer to notice the difference. It is recommended not to take this libido liquid on a full stomach. Mr Stiff can be taken in combination with alcohol, if you do not drink excessively.

Mr. Stiff products can be taken by both men and women. However, it is not recommended to use our products if you are pregnant.

How is Mr. Stiff libido liquid taken? 1 bottle of 25ml is the recommended dose. It is best to take Mr. Stiff about an hour before sexual activity. It is recommended to shake well before use.

Under no circumstances should the recommended dose be exceeded. This could lead to dangerous situations. Mr Stiff is absorbed through the mucous membranes present in your stomach. This may prolong the effect of your medicine if you have just eaten a heavy meal.

Mr. Stiff should not be taken more than once a day. Our medicines speed up blood circulation. This may cause a hot forehead and red cheeks. After a while, these effects diminish. If this bothers you too much, it is recommended to reduce the dose per turn.

How should Mr Stiff's products be stored? Always keep the products out of the reach of children in an area not warmer than 30 degrees Celsius. Keep the libido liquid in its original packaging. Never use this medicine after the expiry date.


Ingredients in the libido liquid

The ingredients in this product are 100% natural and have been carefully selected. Below you can see which ingredients are in this medicine:

Ingredients: Gynstemma herb (Herba Gynostemma Pentaphyllum), Rhodiola (Rhodiola Sacra), Japanese Honeysuckle (Flos Lonicera Japonica), Przewalsk Sage Root (Radix Salviae Przewalski) Lucid Ganoderma (Ganoderma Lucidum), Safflower (Floss Carthimi), Gentian (Radix Gentiana Macrophyllae)

Additions: Purified water , Cane sugar , Blackcurrant juice concentrate

Preservatives: Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Amino acid

Mr Stiff is not suitable for children under 18 years of age. If you use medication for diabetes or take anticoagulant medication, it is wise to consult your doctor or pharmacist first for personal advice. This medicine should not be used during pregnancy.

Mr Stiff is approved with the NUT number : PL 4047/1.


The side effects of libido liquid

The main cause of most side effects when using erection drugs is the substance 'Sildenafil'. This substance is not present in our products. Mr Stiff's libido liquid is designed based on natural herbs, so no user suffers from unpleasant side effects the next day.


How long does it take for Mr Stiff's libido liquid to work?

It takes up to 1 hour for Mr Stiff's libido liquid to take effect. After this short incorporation period, you can enjoy the effects of this product.


When should I avoid using Mr Stiff's libido liquid?

If you are pregnant or if you are under 18 years of age. Always discuss this with your doctor if you take certain medication. Otherwise, anyone can take it!


Can I combine Libido Liquid with alcohol?

Yes, it is completely responsible and possible to use Mr Stiff's Libido Liquid in combination with alcohol. However, it is wise to reduce your alcohol consumption, as excessive alcohol consumption can lower the effects and benefits of this Libido Liquid.


Conclusion of Mr Stiff's libido liquid

Mr Stiff's Libido liquid is suitable for anyone who wants to revitalise his/her sex life in a safe way. Thanks to our unique formula consisting of natural ingredients, we can guarantee you safe use without side effects. Order your Libido Liquid from Mr. Stiff today, and you can start enjoying it tomorrow!


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