Semen, its meaning, function, tips and facts

What is sperm?

Sperm are sperm cells released during ejaculation. The substance is usually thick and sticky. Before ejaculation, pre-cum is also often released. The colour of semen varies individually and can range from white to whitish-yellow. The sperm cells resemble tadpoles. Sperm cells are produced in the testis and the epididymis serves as a repository for the sperm cells. When orgasm occurs, around 3 millilitres of sperm are usually ejaculated. This may contain as many as 300-350 million sperm cells. They are so microscopic that 1 drop may contain as many as 120 million sperm cells. Of the total, about 10% are sperm cells. The other 90% consists of seminal fluid and seminal vesicles added from the prostate.


The route of sperm

When ejaculation occurs, sperm cells are launched from the epididymis into the vas deferens. After this, the sperm cells pass the prostate and sperm fluid is also added to the semen. After this, the sperm is for ejaculation through the urethra. The ureter that also runs to the urethra is clamped shut and then ejaculation can take place without the addition of urine. Semen is ejaculated upon orgasm at speeds of up to 45 kilometres per hour!


Temperature of semen

Men's balls often hang below the body at a reasonable length. This is not without reason. This is because it requires an ideal temperature of 33 to 34 degrees for sperm production. Also, the scrotum contains a muscle that allows the body's distance to be regulated and thus the internal temperature of the scrotum. This so that favourable conditions for sperm production remain guaranteed. Hanging the balls lower allows them to cool down and attracted allows them to warm up. The body is a wonderful machine!


Quality of semen

How qualitative semen is has to do with several factors. The quality of is judged by 3 factors. The number of sperm cells in the sperm, the motility, the shape of the sperm cells in the sperm.
Of course, a man has a chance of infertility through genes but men also have a lot of influence on sperm quality through living conditions. Since, as we read earlier, sperm cells remain optimal at temperatures of about 33 to 35 degrees, it is important not to overheat them. Cooks, for example, are at risk of infertility because they often stand close to the cooker with their testicles. Also, excessive sauna visits, for example, are not beneficial for sperm. Anabolic steroids can lead to infertility in men and reduction in quality. Being overweight can also cause reduction in testosterone and hence sperm quality. In addition, alcohol consumption, smoking and drugs also have a negative effect on quality. Stress also plays a major role in sperm quality. However, there are also ways to increase sperm quality! Not only can a healthy diet improve sperm quality, mainly vegetables and fruits. In addition, regular strength training increases testosterone and thus sperm production. So, in general, it can be said that an unhealthy lifestyle causes a decrease in sperm quality and a healthy lifestyle causes an increase in quality.


Freezing the semen

Freezing basically preserves the sperm cells. The sperm are stored in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of - 196°C. Often men have this done before starting chemotherapy to ensure the quality of the sperm cells. Often several sperm loads are frozen.


Improving the quality of the semen

As read earlier, it is possible to boost sperm quality. A healthy lifestyle is crucial here. To keep sperm of optimal quality, it is important to eat healthy. Maintain a healthy weight, get enough exercise and do not smoke and/or use drugs. The development of sperm takes about three months. So if you and a partner take the step to have children, it is advisable to start living a healthy life at least three months in advance to ensure sperm quality.


Swallowing semen (what does semen taste like?)

The taste of semen can vary because of the food you eat. It seems that if you eat a lot of fruit, the taste of semen can taste like lukewarm sweet fruit milk. However, opinions are divided. A questionnaire asked women and men what describes the taste of semen. Some hilarious responses came out of this. As you can see below, the responses vary quite a bit.

  • ''It tastes like chestnuts, bitter and nutty''.
  • ''The taste is like bitter and salty egg white''.
  • ''What I think it tastes like? Like thin lukewarm snot''.
  • '' I think it has a buttery taste''.
  • ''If you're lucky it tastes like a white beer''.
  • '' Semen I find tastes like salty balloons'
  • ''Like slimy pool water''


How to get more sperm?

Most porn videos feature men having huge ejaculations with amounts of the goodness that are nowhere near the average man's. Therefore, this is often fake but some men may feel insecure about the amount of sperm released during an ejaculation and would like to have an ejaculation with more sperm.  Luckily, we have some ways for you here to achieve an ejaculation with more semen!

  • The most effective way is simply to cum less. The moment of first ejaculation is a moment many men remember. That's where a lot of sperm was usually released. The biggest difference, of course, is that until then you had never had an ejaculation. And this already indicates a little to what extent the frequency of ejaculation affects the amount of sperm.  So it helps to ejaculate less frequently and thus masturbate less. Every time you have an ejaculation, the body has to produce sperm again. So save your ejaculation for when it matters! Namely when you have sex! This way, you are assured of an ejaculation with large amount of sperm if that is what you are looking for.
  • Make sure you drink enough water. Actually, it is also logical that your body needs water to make sperm because it is a liquid and so you need to replenish it with water. So for an ejaculation with enough sperm, it is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water on and then off. However the more water you drink so 3 to 4 litres of water the more you will produce at ejaculation. Beware! You can also drink too much water, never drink that much water at once but spread out over the day in small sips. So make sure you have a bottle of water nearby and fill it up during the day so you can keep track of how much you drink.
  • Get the right building blocks! To produce more sperm, your body needs other nutrients besides water. The most important ones for sperm production are folic acid and zinc. According to scientific research, taking these two supplements can increase sperm production by 74%. Taking zinc is only useful if you also take folic acid. Otherwise, it will not lead to increased sperm production because your body will not be able to process the zinc. The guidelines are about 1mg of folic acid and 15mg of zinc. But this is an excellent way to get more sperm!
  • To go further on building substances for sperm production, protein is needed and therefore the best building material for sperm production. In fact, there is so much protein in semen that you could consume it as a protein shake! In fact, it is 50% protein! Sperm contains the sperm cells and the heads of these sperm cells are the ones that need the protein. Protein consists of amino acids and the most important ones for sperm production are L-arganine, L-carnitine and L-Lysine. The easiest way is to take these in a dietary supplement as well.
  • Of course, it is always good to quit smoking but if you want more sperm, this is definitely one of the things that is recommended. Smoking has a very bad impact on sperm production and also sperm quality. It is also true that if you smoke as a father that a child can be born with medical problems, purely because of the sperm! Alcohol is also very bad for sperm production and quality. Alcohol dehydrates the body and as we have already learnt, proper hydration is extremely important for sperm production. So to produce a lot at ejaculation that is also of good quality, it is advisable to stop smoking and drinking or at least cut down.
  • Another major cause of sperm reduction is stress. As we all know, stress is unhealthy. When experiencing stress, we produce the hormone cortisol. This hormone is very bad for the body if it is chronic because it also inhibits testosterone production. And since testosterone is the male hormone, it plays an extremely important role in sperm production. Take moments of relaxation. A walk, yoga or meditation can help reduce stress on and off day. Start tackling stress now and not only get healthy but also get that ejaculation with more sperm you want!
  • The final tip for more sperm is move more! Production of sperm depends on how well your body functions. Better circulation through exercise is very important for sperm production. Cardio in particular is good for better circulation but with strength training you produce more testosterone which in turn triggers more sperm production. So for optimal results, do both forms of exercise! Feel good and produce more sperm a win-win situation!


How long does sperm live?

Sperm can survive in the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes for at least another 72 hours. Also, sperm cells remain fertile for 48 hours after ejaculation. If sperm is not ejaculated, it is broken down and reabsorbed into the body after about a month.


Facts about sperm

The sperm cell was discovered by a Dutchman namely Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. He looked at his sperm under the microscope in 1677 and saw huge amounts of tadpoles moving, namely sperm cells!

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