How does Mr. Stiff work?

- Mr Stiff works through natural Chinese herbs that have a libido enhancing effect. The effect is best when taken on an empty stomach. After taking Mr. Stiff, you can eat to your heart's content. The capsules start working after 60 minutes and the shot after about 30 minutes. Both have an effect of several hours.

How is Mr. Stiff shipped?

- Mr. Stiff is discreetly shipped without the name Mr. Stiff as the sender. Depending on the size, it is sent in a blank envelope or box.

Can you use Mr. Stiff in combination with alcohol?

- Mr. Stiff is good to use in combination with alcohol. Because Mr. Stiff does not contain substances that are harmful to the heart and blood vessels, combining it with drinking alcohol is not a problem.

How is Mr. Stiff different from other erection aids?

- Mr. Stiff does not contain sildenafil which is used in many other remedies. Sildenafil can lead to various side effects. Since Mr. Stiff contains only natural herbs for increasing libido, there are no side effects with Mr. Stiff.