Spanish fly - Dangerous or aphrodisiac?

What is the Spanish fly?

Spanish fly is the name of an insect that contains sexually stimulating properties when ingested by mouth. These insects have been used in alternative medicine in China for more than 2,000 years to remedy sexual dysfunction. Spanish fly extract contains the substance kantaridin, which causes an increase in sexual desire. However if too large an amount of kantaridin is ingested it can be extremely dangerous or even fatal, in very small amounts it can promote an erection.

Because of the myth surrounding it, there are many different kinds for sale on the internet. It is very unlikely that these products actually contain the dangerous substance 'kantaridin'. Most variants that can be found on the web are a mixture of natural herbs that can cause a mild burning effect in the genitals.

If you ever come across a product that claims to contain 'kantaridin' stay far away from it!


The origin of the Spanish fly

About 1,500 species of beetles around the world are capable of producing kantaridin. These beetles cannot bite or sting but can be extremely dangerous when ingested accidentally, or in some cases deliberately. If an animal encounters this beetle and takes a bite of it, it learns pretty quickly never to do so again. The kantaridin in this beetle causes hugely painful blisters in the mouth and will cause organ failure shortly afterwards.

A very strange story of kantaridin poisoning comes from a group of friends who went fishing. One of the fishermen had the good idea that he could attract more fish if he smeared a small amount of kantaridin on his hook. He put some of the stuff along with water in a bottle and started shaking it, using his thumb to keep the bottle closed. A few minutes later, he pricked himself with his fish hook and then sucked on his sore thumb, not knowing that this contained remnants of the deadly mixture. Within an hour, he started vomiting heavily after which he was rushed to hospital. Once there, the palpitations began and only a few hours later the man survived.

Numerous horror stories circulate on the internet. However, these days you don't have to fear death after using it. The extremely toxic kantaridin is no longer used (in most cases) and replaced by natural herbs that increase libido.


How is the Spanish fly used?

Spanish fly can be taken by mixing a few drops (5 to 7) with a glass of water. Just a few drops are enough to increase your libido. Be careful never to exceed the maximum recommended amount.


Effect of the Spanish fly

Today, most products sold as Spanish Fly contain the substance L-arginine. This substance causes blood vessels to the genitals to be enlarged. This increases the sensitivity of the genitals and the erection will be more powerful.


Where can I buy the Spanish fly?

Nowadays, there are plenty of online shops offering Spanish fly. On major marketplaces like Bol and Amazon, there are also plenty of companies offering these products. If you want to use it make sure you order it from a webshop that carries a seal of approval such as "Trustedshops". This will ensure that you order a good quality product.


Alternatives of the Spanish fly

After the above story, do you still not feel completely comfortable using the Spanish fly? You can find several alternatives in our shop. All our products are 100% natural and contain only a mix of different herbs. The effects of, for example, the Viagra alternative are also typical of the effects of the Spanish fly.


Does the Spanish fly work for men and women?

Yes, it works for both men and women. For men, the effect is that the erection will become more powerful. For women, the product is often used as an aphrodisiac.


Ingredients of the Spanish fly

Previously, the active ingredient was mainly 'Kantaridin'. As above, this is extremely dangerous and difficult to dose. This is the reason why Spanish Fly nowadays contains only L- Arginine and Vitamin C.

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