About our products

Here at Mr Stiff, we know how annoying the side effects of the usual medical devices can be when there is a decline in sexual activity. Therefore, we wanted to develop an alternative that does not harm health and promotes sexual activity. After lengthy research and in close contact with several Chinese professors of traditional Chinese medicine, this formula was developed for natural stimulation of sexual activity. By the way, our products are not exclusively for erection problems but also for anyone who wants an extra boost to their sex life. As all our products are 100% natural, it is safe to use for everyone.

Erectile dysfunction and our solution to it

Once a man has more frequent trouble getting an erection, we can speak of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a good example of sexual problems that can even cause other sexual disorders to develop in the long run.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions available today that can mitigate this problem for the short term. One of the most common solutions for erectile dysfunction is to use erection pills.

Erectile pills cause the blood vessels to enlarge so that blood can flow more easily to the penis. Because the blood vessels are enlarged, the blood can also flow back again more easily, ensuring that the erection can be held for longer. Getting an erection by using erection pills ultimately remains a natural erection, only the erection inhibitors are temporarily weakened.

Which erection pills should I choose?

There are very many erection pills available that all promise to stimulate erection in men. The most common erection pills are designed based on 'Sildenafil'. This substance was used in the 1990s' during a study on a way to counter 'Angina Pectoris'. In 'Angina Pectoris', people experience heart spasms and chest pain. The cause is that the blood vessels are too narrow and so the heart has to pump harder to distribute oxygen throughout the body.

During this study, it was found that administering Sildenafil not only makes the blood vessels in the chest less narrow but also enlarges the blood vessels in the penis. In short, a suitable drug to solve erectile dysfunction.

Unfortunately, using Sildenafil also has some side effects. The most common side effects of using erection pills are: shortness of breath, chest pain and priapism. In priapism, the man experiences a prolonged and painful erection that does not subside.

Fortunately, in recent years, erection pills have been developed that contain only naturally-acting substances. A good example of this is 'Maca'. This is a plant native to Peru that can positively influence a man's sex drive. At Mr Stiff in the webshop, you will find erection pills that contain only naturally-acting substances.

What erection pills can you find at Mr-stiff.com

At Mr. Stiff you will find erection pills that are naturally designed to stimulate erection in men. The following products are available from us:

Libido booster

Lbido Pillen

Delay Spray

Side effects of erection pills

The cause of the most common side effects when using erection pills is the substance 'Sildenafil'. Mr Stiff's erection pills are designed based on only natural herbs which means the user does not suffer from any side effects the next day.

However, we advise against using Mr. Stiff erection pills in case of heart problems, pregnancy or hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. You should not use Mr. Stiff erection pills in combination with medicines.

Risks of erection pills

The most common side effects of using erection pills are dizziness, headache, nausea and chest pain. However, these are mild side effects that can occur with the use of many medicines

Serious side effects when using erection pills are heart problems or hearing damage. As soon as you experience hearing or heart problems, we recommend stopping using erection pills immediately and consulting a GP.

If you have a heart condition, it is wise to consult your GP before using erection pills. The GP can determine whether erection pills are the right solution for your erectile dysfunction through some simple tests.

Advice on using erection pills

Mr Stiff erection pills should not be used by children under 18 years of age. Once you use Mr. Stiff erection pills in combination with food and alcohol, it may take a little longer before you notice a difference. It is recommended to take Mr. Stiff on a stomach that is not too full. Mr. Stiff erection pills can be taken in combination with alcohol.

Mr. Stiff can also be taken by women to support sexual activity. However, we do not recommend use if you are pregnant.