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Aphrodisiac meaning

Aphrodisiacs is the collective term for various foods, herbs and substances that cause an increase in sexual desire. There are many foods known as aphrodisiacs, including honey, chocolate, oysters and strawberries. Many foods known as aphrodisiacs are of animal, plant or mineral origin.

In many cultures, aphrodisiacs have a long and rich history. It is an ancient method used to revive people's sexual lives. In many cultures, aphrodisiacs are considered to be the main means to make a person get more satisfaction and pleasure from his/her sexual activities. Using aphrodisiacs is a way for many people to improve their relationship and unwind.

In many cultures, aphrodisiac is also used as a medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and improve libido. Many people also use aphrodisiac to relieve their pain and stress.

If you are looking for an aphrodisiac, you have probably come across many different variants. Nowadays, you will find many synthetic and chemical aphrodisiacs. These often have dangerous effects. It is therefore best to use natural aphrodisiacs. At Mr Stiff, you will find a good, natural substitute for synthetic aphrodisiacs.


Foods as aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs are found in many foods. When you eat of these foods, you will be able to enjoy the many positive benefits of aphrodisiacs. But which foods are best for enhancing sexual activity?

First of all, oysters are a well-known food that contain aphrodisiacs. An oyster is a mollusc that lives in the ocean. The shell of an oyster consists of two valves, which protect the meat inside. This flesh has a salty, mild flavour and contains enough substances to boost your sexual life.

The cocoa of chocolate, too, is known to be an aphrodisiac. Chocolate - especially the dark, black chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa - possesses a number of important substances that have a proven, positive influence on your sexual activities.

In addition, certain fruits - such as strawberries - are also known to be an aphrodisiac. Strawberries are a natural and healthy aphrodisiac. But of course, this is not the only reason why they are known as an aphrodisiac. In fact, you can also eat them sensually, they have the colour of love ánd they are deliciously sweet.

Finally, pomegranates are also an excellent example of an aphrodisiac. The Egyptians already considered this fruit 4,500 years ago as an aid to a better sex life. This piece of fruit can bring you a lot of good performance and pleasure in the bedroom. After all, the pomegranate is known as a powerful aphrodisiac that stimulates lust and can improve the quality of sperm.


Herbs and spices as aphrodisiacs

Besides a lot of foods, there are also many herbs and spices known as aphrodisiacs. When you make use of these herbs or spices in your meals, you give your sex life a real boost.

Ginger is an excellent way to boost your sex life. This healthy root works both stimulating and warming, thus giving a real boost to your sex life. No wonder, then, that ginger is known worldwide as one of the best aphrodisiacs. You can add ginger to your tea together with a thin slice of lemon.

Cinnamon is another great and well-known spice that possesses stimulating properties. People struggling with low libido will definitely appreciate cinnamon. Combine cinnamon with some honey. This is because honey is rich in vitamins and minerals; thus also giving you extra energy.

In addition, maca and ginseng are also 2 well-known ways to boost your sex life. These natural remedies are completely safe to use and will quickly give you great results!


Synthetic aphrodisiacs

Nowadays, there are an almost infinite number of synthetic aphrodisiacs available. You often have to swallow these as a pill, but they can cause unpleasant side effects for many users. Below you will find 4 commonly used and effective synthetic aphrodisiacs.

Viagra is undoubtedly the best-known erectile drug worldwide. This little blue pill has already given many impotent men a better sex life. Unfortunately, this little erection pill has some side effects in some cases, making it not suitable for everyone.

Cialis is an erection drug based on Tadalafil. This erection drug has a long effect after taking it and gives your sex life a pleasant boost. Levitra, which works on the basis of Vardenafil, also gives your sex life a nice boost. Unfortunately, the same goes for these two erection drugs: use in moderation, as the possible side effects are not pleasant.

Finally, Yohimbine is also a well-known synthetic aphrodisiac. In the Netherlands, this was sold as a dietary supplement against impotence. But due to the many side effects of this product, its sale has become illegal.


Alternative aphrodisiacs

Above, you have already been introduced to many different aphrodisiacs. Besides the well-known herbs and foods, there are also a number of alternative aphrodisiacs. You may not immediately think of these aphrodisiacs, but they are certainly just as effective!

Saffron has been known as a good aphrodisiac for centuries and is often called the red gold because it is so expensive. Saffron improves blood flow and therefore keeps the male sex organ in tip-top shape. Saffron not only works on men, but also stimulates the erogenous zones in women.

Asparagus is also known as an aphrodisiac. This healthy vegetable is aphrodisiac and thus offers many benefits for your sex life.

A lesser-known aphrodisiac is Damiana. This aphrodisiac is made from dried leaves of the Turnera diffusa. It stimulates the male sex organ and increases libido in men and women.

Finally, Horny Goat Weed is also an excellent aphrodisiac. This plant has been used for centuries in China and increases libido. In addition, this plant can also cure erection problems in men. Highly recommended.

Although aphrodisiacs have interesting and pleasant effects, there are some risks associated with their use. For instance, you should always protect yourself from overdose and nasty side effects. So never take more than the predetermined, general dose and carefully read the precautions before use.

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